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AIFA new information systems


In the framework of the development of the new AIFA information system, it should be noted that as of June 26th, 2013 the companies concerned in online interaction with AIFA may appoint a “Company Users Administrator", hereinafter referred to as "CUA".

The appointed person, preferably an internal employee of the company, will have access to all applications for which the company has made the request, and may also enable access to each application by other users duly identified by the company itself, directly within the AIFA system, in complete autonomy and without the intervention of the Agency.

Please note that the users previously enabled will maintain the validity of their access data to the requested systems, even in the case of a company lacking to appoint the CUA. A company wishing to request cancellation of existing users or change the accessible applications, should follow the procedure for the appointment of the Company Users Administrator.

For further details, please refer to the Instructions for the appointment of the Company Users Administrator.


Here below the new active systems:


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