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Authorization for congresses and meetings

PLEASE NOTE: starting from 20/06/2015, at no time, pharmaceutical European Companies can’t send the application form on paper format and starting from 30/09/2015 this regulation will be extended also to all pharmaceutical companies Extra-EU

According to Legislative Decree no. 219/06E, any Marketing Authorization Holder (MAH) or pharmaceutical company responsible for the commercialization of a drug which organizes or helps to organize, whether by direct or indirect funding, in Italy or abroad, a congress, a convention or a meeting on topics in any way related to the use of medicines, shall notify the competent Unit of the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) at least 60 days prior to the beginning of the events, in order to ensure that these adhere to strict technical criteria and aim to provide further knowledge in the fields of chemistry, pharmaceutical technology, biochemistry, physiology, pathology and clinical medicine.

The procedure for the submission of the authorization request is available online and some related documents are listed below.

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