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edited by AIFA’s Office of Osmed and HTA


An arrangement between a manufacturer and payer/provider that enables access to (coverage/reimbursement of) a health technology subject to specified conditions. These arrangements can use a variety of mechanisms to address uncertainty about the performance of technologies or to manage the adoption of technologies in order to maximize their effective use, or limit their budget impact. [Source: Klemp, M Frønsdal KB, Facey K. What principles should govern the use of Managed Entry Agreements? International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care. 2011 Jan;27(1):77-83.] Types of managed entry agreements: • Access with evidence development (AED)Conditional coverageConditional treatment continuation (CTC)Coverage with evidence development (CED)Only in research (OIR)Only with researchOutcome guaranteesPatient access scheme (PAS)Pattern or process carePerformance based agreementPerformance based health outcome reimbursement schemesPerformance-linked reimbursementPrice volume agreementsRisk sharing schemes Please consult definitions in this PHIS Glossary in alphabetical order.
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